Monday, June 19, 2017


Taped to my bathroom mirror are two words: Love and Trust. Love is to remind me to do just that—love. Trust is a reminder to trust in the Lord, trust in the journey, trust in the process, trust my intuition—trust.
I don’t know if my son and daughter will ever be at church every Sunday. Maybe another child will decide that church isn’t for them anymore. Maybe my son will never get married in the temple. But I can live with it because I trust God. I trust in His promises. I trust that He loves me, He loves my children, and He blessed me with the children that I have for a reason.
Answers don’t always come neatly wrapped in a Sunday School lesson. Sometimes they come in unexpected life experiences. But the answers come.
I trust that as I love my children and others completely, I can trust in the Lord’s will and His judgments. Some days are hard, but I love and I trust. Sometimes that’s the best you can do

Navigating Family Differences with Love and Trust
By Becky MackintoshMarch 22, 2017

Monday, June 5, 2017


Thought For Today

We hear many warnings against harboring resentment.  It is a rare person who does not yield to resentment when he feels wronged by some one.  Or we resent our fate, our bad luck, our lot in life.

No amount of self-discipline can heal us of resentment.  Sometimes it seems the more we struggle against it, the more it sneaks up on us, surging like a dark sickness into the mind, plunging our emotions into turmoil.

We know it’s destructive; we may earnestly want to free ourselves from it.  What can we do?

First we think of our own personal good.  Does it hurt the person we are resenting?  Or DOES IT HURT US?  Then we reflect that this damaging emotion comes from not understanding its cause. Let’s dissect it and find out what, inside us made us react the way we did.

Today’s Reminder

I have no room for resentment in my new way of life.  I will not fight it with grim determination, but will reason it out of existence by calmly uncovering its cause.

The best antidote for resentment is the continual practice of gratitude. (One day At a Time)

“Nothing on earth consumes a man more completely than the passion of resentment.”  (Fredrich Nietzsche)