Friday, April 20, 2012

Lord Will Gentle place HIS Hand.....

As a General Authority of the church, I share these stories with you to give you a sense of hope. You may appreciate hearing them if you have lived, or currently live, under similar circumstances to my family’s. Some of you may think every General Authority comes from either Joseph Fielding Smith’s family or the Young’s, that perhaps these slots are reserved for particular people. I think there are some people on whose shoulders the Lord gently places His hand. I guess it doesn’t matter where we come from. I had an alcoholic father and came from a divorced home. While growing up, I sometimes wondered if it were possible for me to do anything in the church. I felt inferior. Somehow, though, it doesn’t matter where we come from. God will reach out his hand and place it on our shoulders.
Vaughn J. Featherstone, as quoted in “Hold on to Hope,” p42

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