Thursday, July 26, 2012

Power Over Our Myself....

One Day at A Time
We hear and read, over and over again, that we are powerless over the behavior of others, and that their business is not our responsibility. It may seem paradoxical, then, to assert that we, the loved ones, can have a tremendous influence in bring about good behavior, sobriety and helping them to maintain a good way of life.
When we continue to nag and domineer, complain and criticize, taking over their responsibilities, we are assuming, in large measure, the responsibility for deferred sobriety or good behavior.
As we abandon the role of accuser, judge, manager and “helper”, the climate shows marked improvement. A pleasant, cheerful environment, which we can create often creates in our loved ones a desire to get sober and change their behavior.
Being powerless over our loved ones means that it cannot be done by force. A change in our attitude has a limitless power to bring serenity and order to our lives.
“I am not powerless over myself, and the way I act and react. This is, in itself, a power that can work miracles in changing the attitudes of others.”

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