Monday, December 10, 2012

Healing Your Soul.....

I know that God did not design us to be victims.  Even as we experience the selfish, painful, sometimes evil choices of other people, we are not without the same power to choose not to be further molested by the ghost of our hideous experiences.  We always have a choice.  The tragedy is that so many people become trapped in hell long after their wounds are inflicted.  Just as our bodies are designed to heal and recover from our physical injuries, our souls want to help us to recover from the internal wounds that we’ve suffered.  Without realizing it, however, we are often the ones holding up the process because we do not have the tools, the role models, the maturity, or the spiritual insight to move forward and allow healing to take place.  We have not learned early-detection procedures that would allow us to enjoy a healthier, more balanced quality of life.”
Let it Go, by J. D. Jakes, p 32

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