Monday, February 18, 2013

Cling to the Savior.....

Cling to the Savior
Russell M. Nelson “Set in Order Thy House:  Ensign, Nov. 2001
Given to us by Trent

As we go through life, even through very rough waters, a father’s instinctive impulse to cling tightly to his wife or to his children may not be the best way to accomplish his objective.  Instead, if ye will lovingly cling to the Savior and the iron rod of the gospel, his family will want to cling to him and to the Savior.

This lesson is surely not limited to fathers.  Regardless of gender, marital status, or age, individuals can choose to link themselves directly to the Savior, hold fast to the rod of His truth, and lead by the light of that truth.  By so doing, they become examples of righteousness to whom others will want to cling.

(Story rafting with his family.  When he clung to his children they all fell out.  When he clung to the boat and his children clung to him they were safe.)

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