Monday, April 1, 2013

Before A Radical Step....

When I feel I must take a radical and irrevocable step, shouldn’t I make sure I am not motivated by resentment, hatred, anger?  I will remind myself that, once having taken a radical step, there is no turning back.  Should I not try again, with the help of God to improve my own capacity for dealing with my problems?  God can give me the power to set my world in order.

When a family situation becomes really desperate, and we think we just can’t go on another day living in uncertainty, fear, deprivation and general misery, we may decide to take action.  That’s good, But what action?  So much depends on taking the right course.  Let me consider:

Is my present frame of mind, whether of anger, bitterness or confusion, one in which I can make a wise choice:  Have I yielded to readily to friendly advice, well-meant, but based on only limited knowledge of all the factors?

Today’s Reminder

If I have come to the end of my rope, I have lived in this turmoil for a long time.  Let me be patient a little longer while I weigh the alternatives.  Will a radical change really work out better for me, for my children and yes, for my spouse?

Before I make a decision, or take a step, I will redouble my efforts to apply the ARP program.  It could bring me to an entirely different, more constructive solution than the drastic ones I was considering.

“Make sure that the medicine you decide on in a rash and desperate moment doesn’t turn out to be worse than the malady.” Excerpts from ODAT

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