Thursday, June 13, 2013

Working on Character Defects.........Being Honest With Our Selfs

Working on Character Defects

What wonderful things could happen in my life if I could get rid of my natural impulse to justify my actions!  Is honesty so deeply repressed under layers of guilt that I cannot release it to understand my motives?  Being honest with ourselves isn’t easy.  It is difficult to search out why I had this or that impulse, and why I acted upon it.  Nothing makes us feel so vulnerable as to give up the crutch of The Alibi.
Yet I know that self-deception multiplies my problems.  How shall I correct this?

Today’s Reminder

I will pick out just one character defect I can freely admit, and reason it away, right out of my whole being.  Let’s say I analyze my impulse to resent.  If I convince myself of its futility, I will see unexpected, welcome changes in my experience.

I will examine my real reasons for every decision I make that involves taking action.  If this shows me I am deceiving myself as to my true motives, I will try to correct this self-deception at its sourse.

“We know well enough how to excuse and color our own doings, but we find it difficult to accept those of others

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