Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Here is Mission Advice for Parents, Series 10. Anonymous from a Mission President's wife:......

Here is Mission Advice for Parents, Series 10. Anonymous from a Mission President's wife:

Parents need to start letting their children work, and not reward them
for doing the things they should be doing anyway.

Start getting your children up at 6:30 in the morning. Help them learn
how to sleep at night, and not think that this is the time to go do things.

Teach them the value of scriptures. Don't just read to them or with
them, but talk about application.

Bear testimony, help them LEARN how to feel the spirit, and teach them
what it feels like.

Parents need to raise the bar on them selves. Get a great defense in
their home against the things of the world. Parents need to be pro-active and be prepared. They need to protect their children by thinking, "This could happen", and not just think: "This will never happen to us."

Mom's, there is no better place on earth that your son or daughter could be than in the mission field. If you are happy to have them gone, that's great. Don't feel guilty for thinking that way. You are still a great parent! Its not required that you are to be SAD to have them gone.

It is natural to feel a loss when they are gone. Of course you miss them! Life goes on and you will adjust to the change. Count your blessings that they are serving a mission. Don't dwell on sadness.

When you write letters, don't ever say, "I miss you." They will read that to mean you want them to come home. Only say how much you love them. I promise, they know you miss them, and they miss you. Just don't get them
focused on that. Always share your testimony, and spiritual xperiences, Not the every day stuff or bad stuff, they don't need to know that.

Well, I could go on, but I hope this helps. I love the mission, and
that great work. I do wish that parents would take this more seriously.
And realize what a blessing it is to serve, not a sacrifice.

-Anonymous Mission President's wife

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