Saturday, August 17, 2013

Quiet Time......


“I will begin today to include a quiet time in each day, remembering this especially in times of family upheavals and dissension.  If I provide the element of quiet in my home, I will at least not be adding to the turmoil.

Quiet can be achieved with complete silence, but if the silence has in it even a trace of anger or hostility, it loses all its power.  A grim silence is even more challenging to ta combatant than speech.  True quiet has the quality of serenity, acceptance, peace.

I must remind myself of this constantly in times of stress.

I can persuade myself to be quite by realizing that angry words cannot touch me unless I allow them to .  Most angry words have no basis in logic or reason anyway, so why need they hurt me?  If a wrathful explosion on the loved ones (addicts) part seems aimed at me, I will understand that it may only express his own guilt I will not allow this to be shifted to my shoulders.

In quiet and in silence the truth is made clear…”

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