Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sinner or Someone Who Has Sinned, The Difference......

This has helped us. Perhaps it will help you-Linda and Allen
I have been asked the question, “Isn’t it depressing to have to review the sins and transgressions of people involved in such difficulties?” It would be if I were looking for sins and transgressions. But I am working with people who are repenting. These are sons and daughters of God who have made mistakes—some of them very serious. But they are not sinners. They were sinners in the past but have learned through bitter experience the heartbreak that results from disobedience to God’s laws. Now they are no longer sinners. They are God’s repentant children who want to come back to Him and are striving to do so. They have made their mistakes and have paid for them. Now they seek understanding, love, and acceptance.
Let Mercy Temper Justice  Elder Theodore M. Burton, Ensign, Nov., 1985
The difference between a sinner and a person who sins is:

A Sinner loves to sin, the other is a person who has made a wrong choice.

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