Sunday, December 1, 2013

Today Is Mine......

“There are times when the “poor me” mood is upon us; we’re overwhelmed by all the troubles we have to face.  This is especially likely to happen when we have begun to try to change our thinking about ourselves and our relation to others.  We may, at first, become too analytical and try to solve too much at once.
For this frame of mind there is an almost infallible prescription: to empty our minds of all thoughts but one: today and how to use it.
This day is mine.  It is unique.  Nobody in the world has one exactly like it.  It holds the sum of all my past experience and all my future potential.  It belongs to me to do with whatever I like.  I can fill it with joyous moments or ruin it with fruitless worry.  If painful recollections of the past come into my mind, or frightening thoughts of the past, I will put them away.  They cannot spoil today for me.
Today is my special gift from God. How will I use it?  The less I let others affect it, the more serene and satisfying it will be for me.”

One Day at a Time in Alanon, October 28 Copyright by Alanon Family Groups 2000.

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