Sunday, December 1, 2013

Worth vs Worthiness.......

Worth vs Worthiness
“It may be helpful to make a distinction between the worth and the worthiness of an addict.  Worth is the value of being a son or daughter of God.  Worth is innate.  Because we are born in this earth life, we are loved and acknowledged as a son or daughter of God.  By that heritage alone, each of us-whatever our worthiness-deserves respect, honor, and unconditional-love as a potential god.  The ‘worth’ of any soul including the Bishop’s, the Relief Society President’s, yours or the addict’s is great. Eah of us is loved by our Heavenly Father.
“On the other hand, ‘worthiness’ may fluctuate from day to day.  ‘Worthiness’ has to do with being a son or daughter of God and salvation.  Worth is constant. As a loved one, it is most important to intervene with the addict’s ‘worthiness’ and not their ‘worth.’  As fellow brothers and sisters, we want to make sure we honor and respect the ‘worth’ of each of our Heavenly Father’s children no matter how much they drink, steal, lie, or hurt us.”

Hold onto Hope, p 94

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