Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I must Do My Par.... Let Go Let God.....

Let Go and Let God
(One Day at a Time)

Our slogans are so clear and simple, yet they may still mean different things to different people.  We naturally color them somewhat according to our own experience and reaction to the words and ideas.  For example, the slogan Let Go and Let God may suggest to some people that all we have to do is sidestep the challenges that confront us and somehow, by a kind of spiritual magic, God will do all the work.

There was a purpose in His giving His children free will, intelligence and good sense; we can fulfill ourselves only by using these gifts in dealing with the daily problems that arise.

Today’s Reminder

I may be ready to submit to God’s guidance, I may humbly ask for it, but along with being willing, I must cooperate by doing my part.  If I am truly receptive, He will make His will known to me step by step, each day, but I must carry it out.

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