Friday, May 25, 2012

Cross and Ladder....

It is a fact of life that God can make our crosses easier to bear if we are but willing to admit we have them and then seek his help. In D&C 56:2 we read, "And he that will not take up his cross and follow me, and keep my commandments, the same shall not be saved." A willingness to take yourself as you are and build from there is pleasing to God. If you have more than one cross--three or four--maybe you could build a ladder out of them and use them to climb to new heights. Sometimes becoming is more important than achieving or arriving. I'm not talking about self-indulgence. I'm talking about self-acceptance. All tomorrows can be in our favor if we carry on in a spirit of commitment and self-encouragement.   Carry Your Cross MARVIN J. ASHTON Brigham Young University on 3 May 1987

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