Saturday, January 5, 2013

Intentions ....

Today let’s think about our intentions. The word suggests to many of us the vast gap between what we intend to do and what we actually do. We intend to be kind and tolerant, but some uncontrollable impulse changes our attitude into something we later find ourselves regretting. We intend to accomplish so much, but unless we start out with a realistic estimate of what we are capable of doing, we fall far short of our expectations. We intend to make a good life for ourselves and our families, but we seem constantly to be deflected from it by others. Or we permit the actions of others to prevent us from fulfilling what we hoped to do.

My intentions are good. When I do not fulfill them, I am disappointed; I may even be weighed down by a sense of guilt. How can I avoid this? I will try to clarify my intentions. Decide what I really mean to do, say and accomplish. This will help me keep my life on a satisfactory, productive course.

“Let me first be sure what I intend and the reasons for my choices; this will guide my thoughts into constructive channels, and keep me from attempting the impractical or impossible”.
(Celebra Tueli)
Again, remember that when we set our expectations too high, we set ourselves up for disappointments.

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