Sunday, August 31, 2014

Clearing out the "Storeroom".....

I must work to clean out my storage room of hurt, fear, resentments and anger to find the peace I am looking for.

“It will take a great deal of faith and maybe some false starts to get people to attempt this effort, though, for the substance of its promise is only hoped for and not yet seen.  And after all, their hesitancy is understandable because (1) this is going to be hard work on their part-no quick fix from a priesthood blessing or a counseling session; this is the ‘working out one’s own salvation’ part of humbling themselves; (2) there are some pretty scary things back there in that storeroom of the past-boxes and bundles, for instance, marked ‘From Mom (or Dad) with Love’ that stink to high heaven.  How do people clean those out without offending their parents-whether living or dead?  These are real concerns and need to be met with patience and the assurance that it’s worth it.”

He Did Deliver Me From Bondage,  Colleen B. Harrison, p A20

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