Sunday, August 31, 2014

Love this! Light In The Wilderness!

“On reflection, we see that our gravest problem does not lie in our life circumstances, but in our lack of a truer perception of reality, a larger frame of reference, which could liberate our mind from self-will and self-absorption. Much spiritual change can come simply as we become aware of the truth that the Natural Mind thoughts are illusory.  So as we notice how the Natural Mind works, we can begin to make different choices.  Instead of insisting on being right, or making demands of others, or drooping in a bad mood, or indulging in self-pity, or feeling wronged, or fearing that we are not liked, we can see the insubstantial nature of these thoughts, note how they make us feel,  and begin a process of inquiry.
…we can quietly, deliberately, and deeply entertain the possibility of the opposite of what the thought is tempting us to believe. There may, in fact, come a time when we decide that there are certain thoughts that we will no longer entertain.”

“Light in the Wilderness,” M. Catherine Thomas, P 82

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