Sunday, August 31, 2014

Step 4..Doing a fearless and written moral inventory of myself!

“After this process (Doing a fearless and written moral inventory of myself step 4 in Healing through Christ) we must turn to Christ consciously and deliberately (see Alma 36:18 and Alma 38:8) and ask Him to apply His atoning power to our hearts, to purify them of those character traits that cause us to resist His gracious offer of cleansing-to give us a ‘remission of our sins.’  He will then burn through our inner unconscious selves-cleansing us and revealing to us all that we’ve missed.  We will find ourselves awakening to (sometimes gradually, sometimes abruptly) and enjoying the ever increasing companionship of the Holy Spirit.
Note, however, the Lord’s choice of the word remission of our sins.  What we have obtained (this cleaned our storeroom of life) must be retained by taking frequent, even daily inventories, and when we find ourselves tempted to store away a fear or an anger, etcetera, we must promptly admit it to ourselves, to God and to another trusted person…When we not only feel tempted but actually give into a temptation, we need to promptly admit it to God, and to that trusted other person-and not hide in denial or rationalization.

He Did Deliver Me From Bondage,  Colleen B. Harrison, p A23

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