Sunday, March 4, 2012


Sometimes, we are overwhelmed with the obstacles we are given in our lives, and we ask, “Why me?” And often, when the answers elude us, we believe that the trials through which we suffer are unfair and harsh. But there are answers even though we might not recognize them. We are connected to a loving and just Heavenly Father and there is a reason for whatever happens. We must remain strong in the face of adversity and meet the challenges one day at a time.
AS WE TURN TO HEAVENLY FATHER (for that is the key) he will heal us, both body and soul, we may then come to understand the meaning of our trials and recognize the good that came from them. God will teach us that “ALL THINGS WORK FOR OUR GOOD”.
We may take comfort in knowing that we made it through them and as a result are much stronger than we were before. We have become closer to our Heavenly Father and start to understand his wisdom. Father loves us deeply and wants us to return to Him, He wants us to come back stronger.
Where there is no struggle, there is no strength

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