Friday, October 3, 2014

“So when we are not clear about spiritual things.....

“So when we are not clear about spiritual things, we can get trapped in a particular way of thinking because we don’t see our options-we hear about the joy of the Son-but where is it? We’re not trying to be bad; we just don’t know a better way.  I had a friend say to me a few weeks ago, ‘We know what we’re supposed to be and feel like, but we don’t see how to get there.’
We suffer from the limitations of the Natural Mind.  If we try to solve spiritual problems, like enmity and lack of love, in the Natural Mind, we will fail, because this mind can’t feel the spiritual way of things; we will find ourselves just going through motions, but not changing our heart at all.  Soon we realize that half-measures will not produce the change we need.  We have to stop protecting our carnal behavior and totally renounce it.
…Quotes Alma 22:15-16. With that commitment a profound change was wrought in this man.  We learn that the person who wants to be freed from the effects of his carnal programming must commit himself to an abandonment of the Carnal Mind or he can never hope for anything but adjustments to his behavior.”

Light in the Wilderness, M. Catherine Thomas, p158

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