Thursday, July 18, 2013

Christ Center homes..

Clearly in the God/Christ centered home the atmosphere is one of love.  Love is kindness, patience, affirmation of the other person’s worth.  In saying this, however, we are not saying that love is permissiveness, softness, ‘nice-guyness.’  True love, divine love-charity, or the love of Christ-is ‘tough.’  It involves standards, expectations, requirements, and disciplines.  The criterion or essence of divine love is the growth and development of the person loved, not his temporary pleasure or one’s own popularity.  Sometimes the kindest thing we can do is to hold another to the responsible course while he is condemning us for doing so, or to allow natural and logical consequences to teach him accountability and responsibility.  This ‘tough love,’ as some call it communicates that we care more for and believe more in that person than he does in himself.  We are saying we know he can do it, and that we will neither give up on him nor give in to him.”

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